Most Valuable brands in the world

After reading about this in a web magazine, it is no surprise that these four are at the top of the brand chain.

According to the study the brands are rankedby their dollar value, which is based on financial data, market intelligence, and consumer measures of brand equity.

“The average value of brands with women on the boards is $27 billion, double that of those companies without female directors,” according to the study.
In a different ranking of brands this year—one focused on reputation—Apple and Google took the top spots. According to the The 13th annual Harris Poll Reputation Quotient, released in February, Apple was the top brand, followed by Google, Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Kraft.

Recently, PR Daily compared the most and least reputable companies with Fortune’s list of the most profitable and found that (in general) brands that make lots of money have terrible reputations.

How do people value your brand? How do you build a brand? What are your thoughts? Do you need help with a logo or on how to build awareness?

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